A luxury yacht looks to incorporate custom monogram engraved door handles to suit existing yacht hardware requirements.


Unlike regular doors, marine doors and cabinetry must be self-closing with an extra latching mechanism. The selection of the hardware finish should account for the presence of unique marine environmental conditions which could possibly be detrimental to the hardware.


Created custom door handles in a non-ferrous material, adhering to design specifications and marine code within the project’s time constraints.


Interior designer



Finishing/Plating Shop


  1. Visit the Yacht to analyze the doors and cabinetry
  2. Detailed study of each specific opening (50-60 openings)
    • Each one with its own specific hardware
  3. Drafted the complete hardware specifications
  4. Submitted Prototypes for approval
  5. Final production and delivery
  6. Door by door check-in by our team locally on site

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