Add character to a modern Toronto residence through the use of custom hardware on doors and cabinetry.


The lever chosen was only available in stainless steel on a simple backplate, plus this did not conform to the door conditions and hardware needed to make it work


Custom full height backplates were created.

  • a custom finish was created to be used on all hardware. (not just door hardware )
  • a unique lock mechanism was sourced to accommodate unique door conditions.


Interior design team

Powder coat chemist

CNC shop to fabricate custom escutcheon plates


  1. Met with design team to understand project needs
  2. Creation of a custom powder coat colour.
  3. Custom full height backplates were created with each door condition taken into account, conditions differed from one door to another
  4. Putting it all together with each door being its own unique case.

Let’s bring your vision to life

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