Preserve the historical door design but update the door hardware to meet modern hurricane code standards


Over 100 sets of historical doors need to be able to sustain hurricane-level winds. With 4 weeks until occupancy, the general contractor realized that the existing door handles would not meet the design, code, or functionality requirements.


The Artisan Hardware team flew to Miami to meet with the contractors and owner’s representatives team to review the doors and inconsistencies among them.

  • Door handles were delivered within 3 weeks of approval
  • A custom finish was created to match the owner’s vision


CNC machinists

Custom plating facility


  1. Met onsite with the contractor and owner’s rep team to assess the site and door conditions
  2. Analyzed the unique discrepancies from one door to the next, which presented a challenge with creating a consistent aesthetic across all doors
  3. Met and consulted with our machinists and finishing shop to ensure consistency
  4. Created a special finish to match what the owner envisioned
  5. Submitted presentation
  6. Within 3 weeks of approval, Artisan hardware supplied and delivered the completed door handles on site

Let’s bring your vision to life

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