Creation of 400 custom door handles for a new Marriott hotel.



With 2 months until doors open at the Marriott in Miami, the project team could not get the custom bronze finish on the base metal used on 400 doors.



Arisan Hardware fabricated a prototype consistent with the architect’s drawings in the correct finish within the 2-week timeframe, all while saving over 30% on projected costs.



Artisan Hardware Team

CNC Machinists

Finishing shop

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Delivery time reduced
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Under budget
Doors with custom hardware


  1. Reviewed client’s unique challenge for over 400 doors, the original sample was provided in the wrong metal
  2. Replicated the design using the desired bronze metal, plated it in our finishing shop to match existing bronze elements in the room
  3. Provided the prototype in 10 days, reducing delivery time by 50%
  4. Approval and final production completed in 5 weeks for over 400 doors

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